Malissa Kiss x Love Chic: Thailand Day 3

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At the risk of seeming boring, let me preface my Malissa Kiss Day 3 post (read Day 1 here and Day 2 here) by saying how much I love staycations. I mean, don’t you? The idea of zipping through a packed itinerary and staying in a place only long enough to post a geolocated photo is as appealing to me as ube ice cream (sorry, ube fans). That thing about reveling in the moment and enjoying the journey just as much as the destinations? Yeah, I did that on the last day of #MalissaKissProjectGoSee146.

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Hannah Kong Débuts Collection

love chic lovechic shai lagarde lovechicph shailagarde designer hannah kong debut collection ecole lesage paris broderie d'art embroidery aruga by rockwell 13

In this era of haste and instant gratification, fewer things take time and handiwork to create. Fewer still are those who approach the creation of such things with reverence. One of them is 29-year-old designer Hannah Kong, who recently launched her debut collection at Aruga by Rockwell. Dean & Deluca provided the hors d’oeuvres to go with the elegant Parisian theme.

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Fun In The Sun | Summer Pool Party

love chic shai lagarde lovechic shailagarde lovechicph life yoga center yoga pool party philippines fort bonifacio featured

The sun and I seldom get along. For most of the time, I feel encumbered by its bright orange heat. There are days, however, when summer’s vapors rise high enough to form clouds that calm the sun’s harsh rays. Just then, it becomes the perfect time for something like a pool party: a time to let all worries float away.

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LiFE Yoga: Newfound Love


After years of non-committal dilly-dallying, I found myself finally ready to bend over backwards for love. Love of self, that is. Much has been said about today’s fast-paced, frenetic way of life, and how much we need to be able to get away from it all and take care of ourselves once in a while. I have found my happy place, my haven for when things get too stressful. LiFE Yoga is a vibrant community of folks with a shared passion for mindfulness, art, music, and good food.

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Maybelline x Georgina Wilson


Maybelline New York held its press launch earlier this month featuring their latest matte products: White Superfresh Liquid Powder, Hypermatte Liquid Liner, and Creamy Matte Lipstick. The event also featured the finalists for the #MaybellineNYFW #MakeItHappen campaign. Our final challenge was to do a five-minute interview  with Maybelline spokesperson Georgina Wilson. Continue reading to watch the video and find out what went down behind the scenes.

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