2018 Planners Review + Giveaway

Hey, everyone! I haven’t written for my own website in ages! So much has been happening offline and I can’t wait to tell you those stories, but let’s restart the blogging groove with something fun and perfect for the start of the year: a 2018 planners review! Read on and you might just win your favorite organizer from this bunch.

Starbucks 20th Anniversary 2018 Planners Review

It looks so classic in the tan leatherette jacket, doesn’t it? Starbucks started the game of collecting stickers to get a planner. For their 20th anniversary, each planner has contains a limited edition Starbucks card and if you register before end of January, you get a chance to win 365 drinks—one year’s worth!

The pages includes monthly art with instructions for how to use the page as a prop for your social media photos. And of course, one of the features originated by Starbucks: coupons with discounts and freebies.

The planner also comes with a stencil so you can personalize your entries with doodles. It’s like a planner and scrapbook in one.

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Giving Journal 2018 Planners Review

Coffee Bean also releases beautifully designed planners each year. This is my favorite for 2018. It’s actually gold, white, and black that sometimes looks matte and sometimes metallic. Very instagrammable.

What I like about Coffee Bean is their planners contain a report of their charities and advocacies. After all, it’s called the Giving Journal! When you get a journal, you’re taking part in all these advocacies.

The Giving Journal also has a lot of inspirational and positive messages and artsy, bullet-style self-empowerment pages. There’s even a sticker set that you can use to spruce up the pages.

And of course, they have coupons, too! If you love their food like I do, these are great.

Simple and minimalist, the Giving Journal is inspiring on a personal and social level. It’s like a retreat in a planner.

Tom N Toms Coffee 2018 Planners Review

Another coffeeshop planner promo is this one by Korean Cafe Tom N Toms. I actually discovered it last Christmas while at home in Bacolod, where Tom N Toms has a big two-story branch. The pink one features Anne, and the red one features Tomtom. They’re husband and wife!

There are as many planner designs as there are cat characters at Tom N Toms (I believe six) and they each have their own professions. Tomtom is a coffee connoisseur while Anne is a designer. They’re the cutest ones for me!

I like that the pages are color-coded, so it’s easy to find the month you’re currently on. The pages have the signature Korean aesthetic, so even if there aren’t any freebies or coupons, if you love anything with Korea and cats like we do, this is great.

Filed Scribble and Keepsake 2018 Planners Review

This next set of organizers are from Filed. I did a blogging-vlogging workshop during their 2018 planner launch in November and immediately liked the Scribble and Keepsake.

The Scribble planner is bigger and it has a fun pastel pink design, while the Keepsake is smaller and has a more elegant design featuring flowers and flamingos. It can be for you and your ate or mom or tita.

With its pages featuring very playful and bold colors, the Scribble also has matching cute millennial stickers. The Keepsake features adulting stuff like expenses and budgets, shopping, local restaurants to try, and so on. It’s not dated, so you can input your own month and days if you don’t use a planner daily.

The monthly artworks look like posters or wallpapers you can frame, and the stickers are tropical and summery. You can use them to mark the months, or just place them anywhere you like.

Filed Agenda Sleeve, Pen Capsules, and Urban Pro Organizer2018 Planners Review

The only issue of the Filed planners for me is that the nice matte texture can get wet or stained easily. Good news is, you can protect it with these agenda sleeves. It can fit a lot of things, aside from your planner. If you’re traveling you can put your passport, boarding pass, IDs, some cards and documents. I even put my iPad mini in this!

The pen capsules obviously aren’t planners, but I’m featuring them since they’re cute and also used for organizing. They can be used to carry pens and other items, or they can be zipped open and used as a desktop organizer.

The Urban Pro Organizer is a laptop case that transforms into a mini workstation. You can attach the velcro flaps on the sides to have your own mini cubicle for privacy and to avoid glare. There are pockets where you can put supplies and papers, and you can even turn the laptop flap into a stand for your mobile device (as shown in my video!).

When you’re done, just collapse everything again and zip it up. You can also attach straps to carry it as a messenger bag. It does lack space for the laptop charger and a mouse, but you can always put them in your main bag.

Fully Booked Freedom 2018 Planners Review

This is the free planner that you get from Fully Booked with a minimum purchase of P3,000. If you’re a huge bookworm or you collect comics or magazines, that’s pretty easy to accumulate.

The cover art for this year is by Dustin Nguyen, an Eisner Award-winning comic book artist.

Marking each month is a spread containing book recommendations, along with some mini reviews of each. It’s pretty straightforward as a planner, so if you’re a book-loving minimalist, this is a really nice one.

Belle De Jour Power Planner 2018 Planners Review

I really think that Starbucks and Belle De Jour are the pioneers of planner design in the Philippines. Starbucks started the perks thing, but BDJ really changed the game. They both succeeded in making organizing and journaling more fun.

BDJ always comes out with a great collection of journals and planners every year. This is one of the main planners for this year with the theme, “I am a beauty of one” with the famous Perks of a Bella coupon booklet and BDJ Lifestyle Card. Just coupons and coupons of discounts and freebies from your favorite lifestyle brands.

There’s also a leather version with illustration, and a smythe-sewn version of this one, but I chose the discbound version so that it’s easier to open the pages. The fantastic sections include a Cash Flow tracker, Bills tracker, Menstrual tracker, Goals checklists, and other useful pages to make life easier, more organized, and empowering. There’s even a Mood meter with stress-coloring art, as well as some scrapbooking pages. It’s a great way to start the year.

BDJ Navi, EIP, and Forget Me Not 2018 Planners Review

If there’s a BDJ planner for beauty and fashion, there’s also one for travel enthusiasts. It’s the Navi 2018, for people who love to travel. This year’s theme is more on nature conversation and national parks. Of course it also has a perks booklet.

And then we have the Everything is possible or EIP planner. Very simple and sleek. Perfect for goal-focused and career-oriented people. It’s got a vision board, priority list, and motivational quotes for achieving success.

Belle De Jour also has Forget Me Not notebooks. They’re kinda like daily planners or journals.

Focus/Finish has four quadrants so you can sort your tasks (urgent and important, important but not urgent, urgent but not important, and not urgent and not important). Create/Inspire is unlined, so you can doodle or write whatever you want on it. Dare/Achieve meetings journal is pretty self-explanatory.

2018 Planners Giveaway!

So which of these organizes do you like? Check the mechanics below and you might just win it!


1. You must be subscribed to my YouTube channel and following my Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook page.

2. Watch the 2018 Planner Review video in full: https://youtu.be/rqCp4ESIQmY

3. Like the video and write a short comment about your top 2 favorites among the following:

• Starbucks planner kit
• Coffee Bean planner
• Tom N Toms (Tomtom)
• Tom N Toms (Anne)
• Filed Scribble
• Filed Keepsake
• Filed Agenda Sleeve (beige)
• Filed Pen Capsule (pink)
• Filed Pen Capsule (beige)
• Filed UrbanPro Organizer (hot pink)
• Filed UrbanPro Organizer (blue)
• Fully Booked Freedom planner
• BDJ Power Planner (*has my name on the cover) with Perks of a Bella booklet
• BDJ Navi Planner with Navi booklet
• BDJ Everything Is Possible planner
• BDJ Forget Me Not notebook set

Include your Instagram @username in your comment. Giveaway accounts (meaning, Instagrams that are only for purposes of joining giveaways) will be automatically disqualified.

4. Like and comment on at least (3) of my Instagram photos.

5. We will check and compile qualified entries for all the items and choose a winner via randomizer. Everything on the list will be given away, except for two planners with the least amount of entries (since it means these are the least popular ones) for our own use.

Winners will be announced Wednesday next week, January 24! It’s still the first month of the year, certainly never too late to get started with a cute organizer. Good luck! 2018 planners review

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