Long-time followers of Love Chic would be familiar with the origin story—how it started in 2010 as a his-and-hers couple fashion blog, gained popularity, and collaborated with the top influencers in the Philippines. How Love Chic would be invited to give talks on everything from style tips to relationship troubles to family conflict, seemingly #relationshipgoals but actually tinged with abuse, manipulation, and disloyalty that culminated in a horrible break-up.

That time in 2013 was the darkest and brightest of times: losing friends but finding out who the real ones are, hurting family members with the truth but feeling their unconditional love, realizing the meaninglessness of the past few years but uncovering a newfound purpose.

Another three years later, I’ve graduated in Pastoral Psychology and Counseling at the Ruben M. Tanseco SJ Center for Family Ministries (CEFAM) in the Loyola School of Theology of the Ateneo de Manila University.


I decided to make it official, integrating stock knowledge with past experiences, so that I can maximize the opportunity to properly help Love Chic readers seeking advice and/or encouragement. I have had to make mistakes when I was younger, and making amends in search of forgiveness and peace has not been easy. If I can help keep someone from making the same mistakes and going through the same things, I would.

I work mostly with residents of Manila and nearby areas, ages 13-30, particularly on matters involving the family, school/workplace, friendships, romantic relationships, and self-esteem. I also hold talks for high schools, college orgs, small church groups, and offices. If you or someone you know are in need of someone to talk to in a safe, non-judgmental, and confidential setting, you may email me to set an appointment.

Instagram and Twitter: @lovechicph