The Great BDO Travel Sale: What’s Your Travel Personality?


Just in time for my US trip next month, I got invited to shoot a social media campaign for The Great BDO Travel Sale. The video features a Travel Personality Quiz, and a walk-through of its opening in Manila on January 12. The event wrapped up last weekend, but you can still avail of big discounts and promos online or during the Davao, Cebu, and Iloilo events. Watch the video for all the details!

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Tourist at Home: Travel More With Less

The Philippines is at the top of any decent must-visit list, its tourist destinations teeming with culture. I grew up in two of them: my mom is Kapampangan and my dad is Ilonggo. parts of the year were spent admiring the Giant Lanterns, watching Hot Air Balloons, and feasting on Pampanga’s famous cuisine. Others were spent were spent celebrating the Masskara Festival, enjoying the scenery at The Ruins, and reveling in music and organic eats at Negros Weekend Market. So I couldn’t share the sense of wonder felt by friends and family from out of town. To me, it’s just home, familiar, comfortable.

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Malissa Kiss x Love Chic: Thailand Day 3

At the risk of seeming boring, let me preface my Malissa Kiss Day 3 post (read Day 1 here and Day 2 here) by saying how much I love staycations. I mean, don’t you? The idea of zipping through a packed itinerary and staying in a place only long enough to post a geolocated photo is as appealing to me as ube ice cream (sorry, ube fans). That thing about reveling in the moment and enjoying the journey just as much as the destinations? Yeah, I did that on the last day of #MalissaKissProjectGoSee146.

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