Liza Soberano is the new Maybelline Girl (and some ’90s references)

Not since Marvin Agustin and Jolina Magdangal have I really been a fan of any other local loveteam until LizQuen. The few times I’ve caught Enrique Gil and/or Liza Soberano, on screen or in person, have convinced me that these two belong to an increasingly rare breed of Filipino celebrity: that which genuinely has what it takes. The most recent movie I watched with my family was their romantic dramedy Every Day I Love You. It was cute, and additionally cool because it’s set near our house in Negros and the cast spoke some Hiligaynon. Liza, especially, just lights up the screen with her childlike charm and radiant beauty. No surprise then, that Liza Soberano has just been chosen as the newest Filipina endorser of global makeup brand, Maybelline New York.

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#DefyDamage: L’Oréal x Watsons Hair Color Party

L’Oréal Paris and Watsons organized an exclusive and luxurious hair date with a select group of Filipina influencers. The invite couldn’t have come at a better time. From age 22 on, the only time my hair wasn’t some shade of red was in 2014 when I gave it a year’s rest. Just check out some of my hair color “adventures,” and imagine all the damage it had to withstand… – L’Oréal x Watsons Hair Color Party

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Hannah Kong Débuts Collection

In this era of haste and instant gratification, fewer things take time and handiwork to create. Fewer still are those who approach the creation of such things with reverence. One of them is 29-year-old designer Hannah Kong, who recently launched her debut collection at Aruga by Rockwell. Dean & Deluca provided the hors d’oeuvres to go with the elegant Parisian theme.

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Fun In The Sun | Summer Pool Party

The sun and I seldom get along. For most of the time, I feel encumbered by its bright orange heat. There are days, however, when summer’s vapors rise high enough to form clouds that calm the sun’s harsh rays. Just then, it becomes the perfect time for something like a pool party: a time to let all worries float away.

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#NadineforParisian #ParisianSummer2016

#NadineforParisian #ParisianSummer2016

The hottest haghtags for a stylish summer: #NadineforParisian #ParisianSummer2016

Radiant and vibrant hues for a season of warmth and style. It’s Nadine Lustre for Parisian Shoes and Bags 2016 Summer Collection. Click on any photo to see them in full size.

As summer approaches its peak, the SM Parisian woman emerges from the freshness of spring to fully blossom alongside the sultry hot season! Of course, Nadine Lustre, embodies the image and attitude perfect for summer.

Parisian Shoes and Bags’ summer collection treks a more playful turn, mixing vibrancy and pool side textures to create the ultimate silhouette for the season.

So get ready to set the mood. Strut the metro wearing Parisian Shoes in Electric Pop shades of summer. From scallop strappy heels to kitten heeled mules and pumps, complete an ensemble that still screams summer. In shades of azure blue, zesty orange and tuscan yellow.

Step out for a spin. Ready your Poolside Appeal as wedges and stacked heels in shades of blue, caramel, and mocha come to play. Soak under the sun and ready your Piña coladas for an afternoon of glistening conversations. Stands out in a party!

An easy mix of colors and textures complemented with subtle metallic accessories. That’s one way to describe the Parisian Bags collection. From slings to backpacks, the collection is carefully put together to create saturated tones for a Summer Getaway.

Trend Alert: Hot Tropic chic is in this summer with Parisian Shoes and Bags.

For up-to-date styles, trends, fashion tips and features, follow Parisian Shoes and Bags on Facebook and @SMParisian on Instagram and Twitter.

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Maybelline x Georgina Wilson

Maybelline New York held its press launch earlier this month featuring their latest matte products: White Superfresh Liquid Powder, Hypermatte Liquid Liner, and Creamy Matte Lipstick. The event also featured the finalists for the #MaybellineNYFW #MakeItHappen campaign. Our final challenge was to do a five-minute interview  with Maybelline spokesperson Georgina Wilson. Continue reading to watch the video and find out what went down behind the scenes.

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Malissa Kiss x Love Chic: Thailand Day 3

At the risk of seeming boring, let me preface my Malissa Kiss Day 3 post (read Day 1 here and Day 2 here) by saying how much I love staycations. I mean, don’t you? The idea of zipping through a packed itinerary and staying in a place only long enough to post a geolocated photo is as appealing to me as ube ice cream (sorry, ube fans). That thing about reveling in the moment and enjoying the journey just as much as the destinations? Yeah, I did that on the last day of #MalissaKissProjectGoSee146.

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