Rock N’ Flow: LiFE Yoga Pool Party Part 3

It’s my third #yogapoolparty at LiFE! You’d think by now things would be more of the same, but far from it. Save for the venue—The Palace Pool Club because where else—LiFE Yoga introduces fun new activities each time. The February yoga pool party had Vinyasa and NIA. The May pool party had Paddleboard Yoga, Kundalini, and Poi Dancing. This September, it’s Rock N’ Flow and Acroyoga with some live art and drum music.

The Palace Pool Club BGC The Palace Pool Club BGC

As always, the yoga pool party was held at The Palace Pool Club. It’s the perfect place to just relax and lounge around with friends, a typical getaway within the city.

Alberto Tafoya and Shinead King

LiFE Yoga teachers Alberto Tafoya and Shinead King led the Rock N’ Flow session. They make such a cute couple, and their happy vibes are just contagious!

Shinead King

Shinead got her yoga certifications in New York and London and currently teaches different types of yoga here in Manila. Before Rock N’ Flow, I took this candid shot because she’s just got such a lovely smile and a genuine positivity about her. Also because I could never pull off the badass ink. And also because the geometric print ombré yoga pants from Filipino activewear brand Millenx are life.

Rock N’ Flow – Yoga Pool Party

The class is described on the LiFE Yoga website as a powerful, energetic form of yoga where students fluidly move from one pose to the next while connecting breath to movement. Rock N’ Flow borrows from yogic tradition while incorporating modern movement and sound. This practice builds great physical power, mental resilience and instills peace as we learn how to detach from our minds. This class is taught in heated and non-heated varieties. To me, it feels like taking a contemporary dance class, except the movements are more deliberate and disciplined, therefore more challenging.

Shinead King Life Yoga Pool Party Alberto Tafoya Life Yoga Pool Party Life Yoga Pool Party September 2016 Shai Lagarde - Blogger - Love Chic - Life Yoga Pool Party

Live Art – Yoga Pool Party

Shai Lagarde - Beauty Blogger - Love Chic - Benefit - Life Yoga Pool Party Shai Lagarde - Beauty Blogger - Love Chic - Benefit - Life Yoga Pool Party

Meanwhile, I saw two types of live art being performed on the sidelines. One is your garden-variety painting, the other is for the benefit of perfectly groomed eyebrows. (See what I did there?)

Life Yoga teachers Bot Rita Christina - Life Yoga Pool Party

With LiFE Yoga teachers Bot, Rita, and Christina. I saw these ladies bust out their most amazing poses and inversions during Alberto and Shinead’s class. The way they’re glowing, it’s like they didn’t even break a sweat!

Cafe Naya at The Palace Pool Club

Lunch was at Café Naya. It was a choice of Spiced Chicken Thigh and cucumber yogurt, or Seared Tuna and mixed greens. Unfortunately, I had to jet after Rock N’ Flow. I missed both the food and the afternoon Acroyoga Jam. Still, I had an awesome time!

Nea Ramos - Shai Lagarde - Love Chic - Life Yoga Pool Party

LiFE’s Marketing Manager Nea Ramos. Thanks for having me a third time! As someone who finds it hard to establish a fitness routine, I can say that LiFE Yoga has been one of my most consistent (and longest-term) so far.

Shai Lagarde - Blogger - Love Chic - Life Yoga Pool Party

Who wouldn’t wanna be around such positive, healthy, committed folks? 

Life Yoga BGC

LiFE Yoga is on the second floor of Forbestown Center, Fort Bonifacio. Visit or check them out on Instagram at @life.mindbodysoul for more info.

Yoga Pool Party

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