Vibe Superfood Café: healthy food you’ll actually crave for

Having an Ilonggo dad and Kapampangan mom means growing up around topnotch food. More so if your parents are civic-minded, farm-loving, health-conscious folks who enjoy going to the palengke and preparing dishes bursting with color and flavor. The downside, of course, is when you have to live away from home and in a city where the commute alone eats up a good part of your day. Unless you have a full arsenal of kitchen supplies plus spare hours for groceries and meal prep, your choices for a tasty meal are down to either healthy but expensive, or cheap but oh so bad for you. LiFE Yoga, my happy place, has come to the rescue with their in-house café, Vibe Superfood.

Photo by Joy Calipes Felizardo of - Life Yoga Vibe Superfood

LiFE Yoga Studio - Shai Lagarde Love Chic

LiFE Yoga Studio - Shai Lagarde Love Chic

If you haven’t seen my previous LiFE Yoga posts, I suggest you check them out because the studio is seriously pretty. I mean Instagram-bait, Pinterest-peg, I-wanna-live-there pretty. Instead of just a bunch of chairs and tables where yogis can hang out in between classes, the lounge includes a yoga shop selling mats, headbands, towels, crystals, accessories, and more. There’s a small library of coffeetable books on everything from self-love to hobbies to psychology. There’s free-flowing herb-infused water and teas. And there’s Vibe Superfood. It not only makes pre- or post-workout grub convenient. It also gives you nutritious, yummy options without stressing your wallet.

Vibe Superfood launch October 2016

Vibe Superfood launch October 2016

So what is a superfood? As the name suggests, it’s basically a type of nut, fruit, vegetable, or grain that packs huge amounts of nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals even in small servings. Regularly including superfoods in your daily diet reduces the risk of chronic illnesses and helps you maintain a healthy weight. Superfoods jumpstart this cycle where eating better leads to sleeping better, which leads to feeling better overall. There’s the added bonus of glowing skin and shiny hair, both reliable indicators of good health. The meals and drinks at Vibe Superfood contain these nutrient powerhouses to supercharge your day.

Vibe Superfood BGC Menu

Click this photo to better read the descriptions.

Vibe Superfood Jumpstarters

Vibe Superfood Berry Good Parfait. Photo by Beatriz Acosta of

Berry Good Parfait: chia seeds, coconut, honey, matcha, cacao nibs, yogurt, banana, berries, mango

Vibe Superfood Acai My Name

Acai My Name: acai smoothie topped with banana, mango, strawberry, cornflakes, cashew nuts

Vibe Superfood Play Immunity Shot and Jump Energy Shot

Shots: Jump for energy and Play for immunity

Vibe Superfood Tummy Fillers

Vibe Superfood Fish You Were Here - Life Yoga - Shai Lagarde Love Chic

Fish You Were Here: salmon, turmeric, malunggay, basil pesto, veggie rice

Vibe Superfood Lil Kimchi - Life Yoga

Lil Kimchi: beef sukiyaki, mushroom, kimchi rice. Things I love: rice, the soft golden yolk of a half-cooked sunny-side up, crunchy vegetables, and spicy food. Needless to say, this medley of all my things is go-to rice meal.

Vibe Superfood Curry Me Away - Life Yoga

Curry Me Away: mushrooms, veggie curry, cucumber, brown rice

Vibe Superfood Bologneezy pasta - Life Yoga

Bologneezy: mushroom, stewed tomato, whole wheat pasta. I used to scarf down copious amounts of linguine in creamy white sauces until I realized how badly my stomach reacted afterwards. I’ve since switched to tomato-based and pesto sauces.  Vibe Superfood’s clever twist on the classic bolognese is excellent for curbing my Italian food cravings.

Vibe Superfood Pesto-mania pasta - Life Yoga

Pesto-mania: malunggay basil pesto, parmesan, chicken, whole wheat pasta

Vibe Superfood Quick Grub

Vibe Superfood Sexy Kan-i salad - Life Yoga

Sexy Kan-i: crabstick, mango, cucuber, carrots, romaine, roasted sesame

Vibe Superfood Dream Cheesers sandwich - Life Yoga

Dream Cheesers: buffalo mozzarella, tomato, cheddar, raw honey. I’m more of a rice girl than a bread fan. But when a sandwich is as fluffy as this, the trifecta of salty, sour, and sweet melting into each other, it has to be declared a winner.

Vibe Superfood Beverages

Vibe Superfood Cold-pressed Juices - Life Yoga

You can probably guess what these cold-pressed juices contain based on their names. Except perhaps for that one on the left. Black Magic is a detox juice that has your usual suspects—lemon, honey, and herbs. It’s black because it also contains activated charcoal powder. Yes, charcoal. It’s not the same one you use for grilling your barbecues. It’s food-grade, high in carbon, and made from coconut shells or wood. Activated charcoal is said to be great for detoxification as it binds with toxins and poisons in processed food and the environment. It can’t be absorbed by the body, so naturally, you purge it out along with the bad stuff. The staff at Vibe Superfood advises to drink Black Magic when you’re not full, planning to eat huge meals, or taking medication.

Vibe Superfood BGC juices and smoothies

My personal favorites are the Yo-Yo Ma Smoothie (melon, banana, mango, yogurt) and the Choco-Motion Cuppa Glow (almond, soya milk, honey, cacao, activated charcoal* salt, coffee). They’re so yummy that I sometimes have to remind myself not to feel guilty about them! Click on the menu I posted to see the other wittily-named drinks and their ingredients.

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Familiarity and comfort. These are usually why we find our happy place in certain spaces (or even people) we encounter. I felt it the moment I first stepped foot in LiFE Yoga. I can exercise, relax, do my work, or shower as if I were in my own house. The teachers and staff are approachable and helpful. Vibe Superfood just takes this up a notch. These wholesome meals may not be made by family in Bacolod or Pampanga, but they sure do taste like home. 

Open 6am-10pm weekdays, 830am-530pm weekends. Facebook/Instagram: @VIBESUPERFOOD
Vibe signage photo by Joy Felizardo of Gastronomy by Joy
Berry Good Parfait photo by Beatriz Acosta for ClickTheCity

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